If you are unable to include photos in your ad, you are most likely doing something wrong. Review the steps you must follow to do it properly.

1st Step:

After clicking in Add Files, you should select on your computer the photos you want to place. As soon as you select them, those images will show up as you can see below.

add images

2nd Step:

After selecting all the desired photos as explained above, you still have to save the ad in order to activate them on the site.

The Save option appears just after the field to select the Highlight Packs, immediately after the reference to Terms & Conditions.

accept terms and conditions and save

After this proceedings, the photos will be active in your ad and will be visible to the users as soon as the ad is approved.

If, even after this steps, you can not yet place your photos, proceed as follows:

  • Please, try to insert them with Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • If you do not see the photos in your ad or can just see the old pictures, please, simultaneously press CTRL + F5 in your keyboard, when in the said ad page, to recharge the entire page again with the already recorded photos.

If none of this works, please, send us the photos you want to place for the following email, indicating the wanted order for them, as well as the photo you intend to put in your ad´s foreground.