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To highlight ads on Classificados X you need to have Points in your personal account. When you sign in, we give you some points to apply in your ads.

1st Step:

Click on Enter Free Ad to login into your account, introducing your email and password, on the right corner on the top of the page.

first step to highlight my ad is to log in into you account

2nd Step:

Click on My Ads at the Menu in your personal area.

Second step to highlight my ad is to click at my ads

 You should Edit the Ad that you intend to highlight and, after that, you just have to define the type of Highlight you wish to set.

here I can choose which highlights i want to apply to my ad

- VIP Listing - your ad comes up on the "VIP Listing" in the lateral right column of the page. The ads arising in this list are random and they change every time you change the page and are limited to a certain number by page.

- Highlight - this possibility allows coloring your ads background in the ads list and in the search.

- Back To Top - your ad returns to the beginning of the ads list and every other ads go down one position.

3rd Step:

Save your ad to confirm your Highlighting of choice.